Changzhou – Through the Lenses
Text + Images

Commissioned in 2011, Changzhou – Through the Lenses, is part of a continuing tradition of books published by the Foreign Languages Press in China where a team of international photographers are brought together to photograph a single city. The resulting portfolios are brought together to create a book of images that give a unique perspective to the city from myriad viewpoints.

Changzhou – Through the Lenses brought together myself (United States), Garrie Maguire (Australia), Dian Coca (Spain), Ruben Lundgren (Netherlands), Kenzaburo Fukuhara (Japan), Olga Stefatou (Greece), and local photographers Huang Yiming and Li Shaobai.

This is the third project of this type I have been invited to participate in along with the cities of Qingdao and Wuxi.