Bobby Brill


Bobby Brill hails from Los Angeles, California where he has worked as a photographer and camera operator since 1995. He first visited China in 2003 and moved to mainland China in 2006 where has been creating images for advertising, news agencies, television until 2014 where he returned to the US. Now Mr. Brill is based in the San Francisco Bay area working in video and digital content production.



Since early 2008, Mr. Brill has been working with the Foreign Languages Press under the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) masthead on several book projects. He has authored 3 books on culture and business and has worked with a team of international photographers on 3 photography essays.  These books are designed to give insight into Chinese culture to foreign readers and visitors.

(Untitled) Liaoning Hot Springs Resorts Project
Lead Author/Photographer – CIPG 2012 (In press)

Changzhou - Through the Lenses
Contributing Photographer – CIPG 2012

Cities of China: Qingdao
Contributing Photographer – CIPG 2011

Cities of China: Wuxi
Contributing Photographer – CIPG 2010

Life on the Water's Edge
Lead Author/Photographer – CIPG 2010

The People of Guizhou
Lead Author/Photographer – CIPG 2009